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Make Your Own Earring Storage and Organizer for Cheap! DIY

Ah, earrings. Out of all my jewelry, I love you the most. BUT, organizing, storing, and/or displaying them had always been a problem UNTIL I created this cool earring frame. And the best part… this won’t cost you more than $3! Read on to find out how to organize and store your earrings with style and for cheap!





  • Frame
  • Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Tulle, 1 yard
  • Ribbon, 1/2 yard (Optional)

Items You Will Need

For the frame and glue gun, I hit up my local dollar store. Be creative and choose a decorative frame in a color. The possibilities are endless!

For the tulle and ribbon, I went to a fabric store but any store selling these items will do. Also keep in mind that the yardage I noted above allowed me to make 2 earrings frames with fabric to spare.

1. Remove the glass and press down any tabs around the frame. If possible, remove them.

2. Lay out the tulle and trim excess, leaving about a 1 inch overhang.

Laying Out Your Tulle

Laying Out Your Tulle

3. With glue gun hot, line a small bead in the grove on the back of the frame. Be careful not to use too much, as it will ooze over and be visible from the front. Tip: Don’t put a bead of glue longer than your pencil.

Line Groove with Glue

4. Using pencil, press tulle onto glue and into grove. Really, any round object will do but I find a pencil fits perfectly, is always around, and is disposable should the hot glue stick to it too much.

Press Tulle Into Groove with Pencil

5. Let the glue harden a bit and then remove the pencil. I find pulling up from the point and back towards the eraser helps.

6. Continue gluing around the perimeter. To get the tulle tight with no bagging, place a strip of glue down, put some tension on the tulle towards you, and then press tulle down into grove with pencil.

Cheap Earring Display Organizer Storage How To

Pull Tulle Tight. Then Press Tulle into Groove with Pencil.

7. Trim excess tulle.

8. (Optional) Since this is a frame, you can put a hook on the back and just hang it. To be a little more fancy, create a loop with the ribbon and use it to hang the frame on the wall. You can even create a bow to pretty it up a bit.

Cheap Earring Display Organizer Storage How To

Measure the Center of the Frame. Place Small Bead of Glue.

Cheap Earring Display Organizer Storage How To

Glue One end of Ribbon to Frame. Fold Forward & Measure. Cut Excess. Push Free End to Back & Glue.

That’s it! This is the basic frame. Isn’t it cool! I love how the earrings appear to “float” because the tulle seems invisible! You could really get creative with different color tulle, ribbon, frame colors, shapes, sizes and styles. I made two: one for earrings with hooks and one for earrings with studs. This way, when I reach around to remove a stud earring, I don’t run the risk of knocking my hook earrings off.

Cheap Earring Display Organizer Storage How To

One for earring hooks; one for earring studs!

This is a cheap and easy DIY. Take this idea and run with it. Enjoy!



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